Manufacture process


"Innovation in every product that comes from our hands"

We make each product a response to the unique needs of our customers, taking care of every detail, in order to satisfy and comply with the highest quality standards.

We have two important processes based on our flexibility:


The packaging often determines the purchase decision of a product, therefore exclusivity is important and Pavisa offers to manufacture from 5,000 pieces, taking care of the detail in each product, with a unique way to satisfy their needs, we have the necessary experience to achieve everything that we propose, if you require a demanding product, PAVISA is the solution to the production of your next sale.



In high volume orders, the quality in our products are taken care of with the necessary time. We interact with the speed, simplicity and quality in each package that comes out of the process.



A good bottle must be complemented by a secondary process which enhances the finish of these, we can decorate them with ceramic decals, masking, plastic components, metal, labeling, pad printing, total or partial painting, silk screen printing, sand Blast, as well as a dedicated line to the opaque of bottles, giving a very attractive satin finish to its packaging.



We have an experienced team that serves the PREMIUM category exclusively with the necessary expertise for the development and design of the most sophisticated products with high added value, adjusting to your requirements and needs. We seek to challenge the glass manufacturing process with new trends and techniques, always innovating to make increasingly more exclusive and different products for the market and our most demanding customers.